6 June 2017

News & Publications: Tasmanian Education Act & Victorian Child Related Legislative Changes

Tasmanian Education Act Changes 
The Circular Head Chronicle carried an article on the proposed changes to the Education Act and its affect on the childcare sector. 

Victorian Child Related Legislative Changes 
In response to The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recommendations aimed at strengthening the protection of children through Working with Children Checks (WWCC), changes will come into effect on 1 August 2017 to the Working with Children Act 2005. Some of the changes include expanding the definition of "direct contact" and removing references to supervision. Further details are available from the WWCC website. The legislation introducing these changes is the Working with Children Amendment Act 2016 which can be found at Victorian Government legislation website.
It should also be mentioned that legislation will come into effect progressively from 1 July 2017 that introduces a reportable conduct scheme to oversee allegations of child abuse and misconduct. Victorian childcare services will fall under the scheme from 1 January 2019. Further information is available from the Commission for Children and Young People website.The legislation introducing the scheme is the Children Legislation Amendment (Reportable Conduct) Act 2017 which can be found at the Victorian Government legislation website.

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